The legal stuff

The online payment terms constitute an agreement between you and The.Easy.Way You warrant that:

  • The bank/credit card used in connection with these services is issued in your name and you are authorized to use the bank/credit card
  • The fees charged are specific and limited to the service as described
  • The information supplied by you is correct and the property descriptions accurate
  • For New Accounts created you are responsible for registering with E-Services once the New Account has been created
  • For Closing of Accounts any refund amounts due will be paid into your Transferring Attorney’s account by The City. The attorney will then effect payment to you.
  • Copies of Plans orders will include the Oldest and Most Recent copies on record with The City. This service is limited to a maximum of 6 copies per property per order.


After completion of the online form and payment:

  • You will receive an email notification confirming the order.
  • New Account numbers will be sent to you via email.
  • Closed Accounts with refunds will be tracked until such time as the refund payment is effected to the Transferring Attorney. The.Easy.Way will notify your Attorney and in turn they will effect the refunded amount directly to you.
  • Plans orders will be forwarded as PDF scans where possible. Alternatively hard copies will be delivered to your preferred address.
  • New Meter applications will be handled on an individual basis – a quote is generated once paperwork is submitted to The City. Upon receipt of payment of The City’s fees an appointment is made to proceed with the installation.
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