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You will receive your new account within an average of 90 days.

We provide your email address to The City and via email is the preferred method.

Email a brief description and copy of your account to queries@theeasyway.co.za – we will ensure all of the services linked.

By simply registering with E-Services you can correct and edit your personal details.

These documents are obtained from your Conveyancing Attorney and include:

  • Covering letter, addressed to The City, to attend to the Closure / Refund or Creation of new rates account
  • Proof of payment/s for the clearance certificate
  • Rates figures
  • Rates clearance certificate lodge document
  • Draft Deed

Close Account

Submission takes place 30 working days after registration – expect a 90 day period from the date of submission to conclusion.

Refunds are only payable for accounts in credit. Your deposit paid for the Rates Clearance Certificate less any outstanding amounts is what you could estimate to receive. If you have any other Municipal accounts registered in your name that are in arrears, the credit will be allocated to the account and not paid back to you.


The funds are transferred by The City directly into your Attorney’s Trust Account. Your Attorney will in turn, effect payment to you.


Plans on record will take between 48 to 72 hours to reach you. In cases where Archives and Building Inspectors records are searched, allow for an additional few working days for delivery.

We provide you with a signed letter confirming that there is no record of the plans. Our fees remain applicable for plans not on record.

When not available digitally and by special request.

Prepaid Meters

The City will base there fees on how many meters you require and the cost of installation. For a single meter installation the fees range from 850 to 1500 Rand Ex VAT. After submission, an invoice from The City will be provided to you for payment directly to The City.

Yes, you will now load prepaid electricity onto your meter and enjoy managing your own usage.

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